Somatic Healing & Energy Alignment with Devi Allen

We all want to feel peaceful and vibrant. Book a session to learn how to access this beautiful stillness within each moment.

Deep gratitude to those who have allowed me to share in their journey....

"An experience with Devi is special and unique . Upon first entering her beautiful space, I felt welcomed, relaxed, and at ease. Her detailed and quite scientific knowledge of one's body energy centers combines with her skilled intuitive manner. Listening to her soothing voice as she guided me through breath-work was exactly what I needed for true therapy and healing. The session finished with a feeling of purity, cleansing, and contentment. I would highly recommend Devi for anyone looking to receive honest and straightforward therapeutic energy coaching." ∞ Robert ∞

"Devi provides a warm comforting space and has a strong and calming presence. Her spiritual intelligence, attunement and energy is easy to sense. Devi's knowledge of energy and healing arts - along with her guidance - has helped me to explore deep spiritual growth and conscious awareness, allowing me to be more in tune with my own personal connection and learn how to focus and leverage my energy. The energy she brings is cosmic as is the experience she shares." ∞ Peter ∞

"I usually do not write reviews... But I'd like to honor this woman with my gratitude. Devi is a genuine Priestess in the sense that she has an open heart and real intention to hold sacred heart-centered space for the client she chooses to serve. I was going through a very challenging time in my personal life when I reached out to this beautiful goddess. I needed some deep energy movement and nurturing connection to reduce the stress in my body and heart and bring in more joy into my body. Devi was super perceptive and I could tell that she understood what I needed on a deep level.

I highly recommend this true priestess goddess woman who is beautiful in mind, body and spirit."
∞ Samantha ∞

"My time with Devi was more than I could have imagined – she is intuitive, intelligent, and powerful. She taught me how to take the time to truly connect - looking into her eyes and breathing was transformational. She has an incredibly kind heart and her humor and joy give birth to healing laughter. I felt that I could have talked with her for hours only to find that I was speechless for large stretches of the session. During the session she touched me deeply, relaxing and awakening my body at the same time. As a result of her presence, openness, and connection the session was a delight and was exactly what I needed. "
∞ Larry ∞

"My intuition guided me to Devi in a time when I was feeling sad and stressed with the passing of my mother. In moments she created a safe place for me to be vulnerable and helped me move through some very blocked energy. My session with Devi was everything that I was hoping to manifest and more. Her intuitive sense is impressive and she was so incredibly present with me, even more present than the people who have known me for years." ∞Wind ∞