Somatic Healing & Energy Alignment with Devi Allen

We all want to feel peaceful and vibrant. Book a session to learn how to access this beautiful stillness within each moment.


Your body heals itself

∞ Your brain forms new neural pathways

  Your Potential is infinite  

Body - Mind - Spirit 


From a heart of love & compassion for each individual journey, I create  space for you to tune in to your body, spirit and emotions.  Offering tools that allow you to experience balance and alignment in all aspects of self. This is the journey that you showed up for - I am here to support you in regaining your natural alignment.

When was the last time you felt deep peace?
Many experience relaxation when they “check out” from daily life - on vacation, watching a movie, going to a show, having a drink, etc. We all seek fulfillment, yet true contentment comes from within.
You can experience deep peace and fulfillment in every moment! Why wait?

My Intention is to support you in activating your fullest self.
Centered clarity is the place in which you can feel your entire body:
both grounded and weightless - filled with breath, empty of all tension, illuminated with expansiveness.
This place of stillness is found in acceptance and love for all that is -
both the “good” and the “bad”.  To reach this elusive still point, we begin with the mind.
Discover the thought patterns that seem to be on repeat -
taking you out of the present moment, plaguing the mind.


Every moment is a choice: allow chaotic thoughts
to continue running the show or….. Let go and learn to create a new pattern.
Accessing still point is a key to living in your highest activation.


 Remember who you truly are!