Somatic Healing & Energy Alignment with Devi Allen

We all want to feel peaceful and vibrant. Book a session to learn how to access this beautiful stillness within each moment.

I love creating music, connecting with people on a heart level, learning, dancing, being with my family and friends. I enjoy nourishing delicious meals and hot herbal drinks. Living in the mountains of Asheville, I so appreciate observing the awe-inspiring beauty and intricacy of nature. A core principle in my life is a regular  meditation practice - seated meditation, thai chi, dance and a chosen awareness in even the simplest tasks such as washing the dishes or walking down the stairs. This shapes my life -  as I open fully to the moment - fully choosing love and acceptance. 

For 4 years I have offered Energetic alignment sessions as my main work in the world and every time I share a space with intention of alignment and transformation, I feel nourished and revitalized and inspired as it invites me to be fully present in body, breath and spirit.